Things to Prepare Before Confinement Nanny Arrives at Your House

Once you’ve made up your mind to hire a confinement nanny, it doesn’t stop there. You are basically entering a new phase in your life, and so you need to prepare for it. Having a stranger in your house can sometimes be overwhelming, especially if you haven’t had a live-in domestic helper before. To be on the safe side and ensure everything runs smoothly, make early preparations. With this in mind, here are some of the things to prepare before the nanny arrives at your house.

1. A Comfortable Room

Your confinement nanny is coming to be part of your family, and so she should have a comfortable room to lay her head. Rest is an essential element that your nanny needs for optimum work performance. If you plan to sleep separately from your baby, let the nanny sleep with the baby, though on a different baby to avoid possible interruptions. If not, your nanny’s room should be next to the baby’s room to give her an easy time to look after the baby.

2. A Nanny To-Do List

The primary job of a confinement nanny is to help you transition smoothly from pregnancy to motherhood, and give you the help you need during the confinement period. Although the things to do during the confinement period are somewhat known, every mom may need different services.

Therefore, ensure you prepare a to-do list to guide your nanny throughout supporting you. Take note that some nannies don’t have previous experience, and a to-do list is all they need to avoid asking you questions now and then.

3. Apply for a Work Permit

Whether a citizen or a foreigner, your confinement nanny requires a work permit to legally work for you. This helps a great deal in avoiding push and pull with the legal authorities. Therefore, make sure you apply for a work permit before your nanny gets ready to start working. If you hire a confinement nanny from a good agency, they will handle all the paperwork and get a ready work permit for your nanny.

4. Stock Groceries in Advance

The confinement period involves more eating and resting. This means you should have enough groceries in your house before the nanny comes knocking. The best time to shop is before giving birth. You can request your partner or anyone available to go to the grocery store and buy everything you need during the confinement period, including confinement food.

Your grocery list should have vegetables, fruits, meats, and herbs to speed up your recovery. If you can’t store the perishable things for a long time, you can buy in small batches and have someone to run errands for you during the confinement period.

5. Shop for Baby Products

As much as your nanny is coming to help you recover fast, her main job is to take care of the baby as you rest. Therefore, having all the right necessities for your baby will help ease her job. Make sure you buy feeding and cleaning equipment, breast pump, hygiene products, clothes, healthcare products, and many others.

You can shop before you go into labor, say a few weeks or months prior. This gives you a chance to choose the right products for your baby and avoid the complaints about, “I told you to buy a blue one, not pink.”

6. Prepare Your Older Kids and Pets

If you have older kids or pets in your house, they sure deserve to know what’s going on. When you inform them about the new baby that will be arriving in a few weeks, make sure you also mention the nanny to them. These are two new people, and such changes can sometimes affect kids and even pets.

Preparing them psychologically in advance can help them experience less emotional stress when the two finally come. For example, let them know that once the baby comes, you may not be able to play soccer with them again for some time but reassure them of your love to keep them happy.

Final Thoughts

To make your work easier, you can write a list of the things to prepare before the nanny arrives at your house. This will enable you to determine which things you should prioritize. Once that’s done, you can sit comfortably and await the arrival of your nanny from the AGAPE Confinement Nannies. What are you waiting for, call us now.