Things That Should Be on Your Post-Natal To-Do List

Congratulations on having a bouncing baby. What now? The post-natal recovery period is an awesome time to rest and give yourself time to heal, but that’s not all. You may still have to do a few things to keep everything in order. Here are some of the things that should be on your post-natal to-do list.

1. Purchase Baby Insurance

During the early stages of life, your baby is at the most vulnerable state of health, and so healthcare should be among the priorities. Even if your baby won’t fall sick, you may need to pay a visit to the pediatrician once in a while for general health check-up and post-natal clinics. For these reasons, you should try and purchase insurance coverage for your baby as early as possible, or alternatively add them to your family coverage.

2. Inform Your Friends and Family

After nine months of rocking with your baby bump, everyone is probably waiting for you to break the news. Once you receive your baby, it’s good that you don’t hold back the news and keep your loved ones in the dark. Send them texts or give them a call. If you’re too tired to lift a finger, you can ask your caregiver to help you break the news in the best way they can.

3. Apply for a Birth Certificate

Immediately your baby pops out, they automatically become a citizen of your country. Since they are obviously too young to own a national identification card or passport, the birth certificate is the only proof of age and nationality. You don’t want to go through trouble at the airport because you can’t prove your baby’s age. Therefore, make sure you apply for a birth certificate within the first few weeks of giving birth.

4. Apply for Family and Medical Leave

If you are a working mom, you will need a medical postnatal leave, depending on your country of residence. Different countries give new moms a certain period to recover and bond with their newborns. As soon as you get home from the hospital, inform work that you need medical leave. You don’t want to get fired just because you forgot to officially inform the management.

5. Bond With Your Baby

Bonding is a crucial process between you and your little one. It basically starts when your baby is still in your tummy, and so, you should keep it going after giving birth. Your baby needs to recognize your voice, body odor, and even mere presence. The first few weeks are best to create an unbreakable bond, that not even a loving nanny can break.

6. Eat Healthy Foods

During the birth process, your health turns upside down. You lose a lot of blood, which goes with a lot of nutrients such as iron. Your bones may also become weak due to reduced levels of calcium. The post-natal recovery period is the best time to regain your health and replenish all the lost nutrients.

Eat a balanced diet, focusing more on fruits and vegetables since they are healthier. Make sure you also hydrate adequately to avoid dehydration. Remember, you are no longer an expectant mom but a nursing mom. Therefore, eat knowing that your baby is depending on that food.

7. Shed the Excess Baby Fat

Depending on your health condition, you can start striving to get rid of the baby fat. Some moms tie their waistlines with slimming belts, others drink weight loss herbs, while others prefer working out. Don’t forget those who are least bothered by their protruding stomachs. Whatever method you choose, make sure it is healthy and won’t cause problems to your body.

8. Pump and Store Breast Milk

Working moms find it rough when they have to go back to work and leave their tiny babies feeding on baby formula. Although it is still good food, breast milk is way healthier for the baby. During the post-natal recovery period, start pumping excess milk and store it in the freezer for future use.

Final Thoughts

Once you know the things that should be on your post-natal to-do list, it shouldn’t be difficult to get them done. However, rest as much as you can and delegate what you can’t manage. Even better, the AGAPE Confinement Nannies are there to do all the heavy lifting and help you transition smoothly.