Questions to Ask Your Future Confinement Nanny

It is important to ask questions before hiring a confinement nanny to analyze if the person is the right one for the job. When it comes to the safety of your little one, you do not want to take chances because the confinement will spend more time with your child than you would. This process ensures that you find someone who meets your requirements and is well fit for the job. When you have the right confinement nanny, you will have peace of mind throughout the postpartum journey.

To make the whole process easy for you, we have compiled some questions to ask your confinement nanny. These questions are meant to help you know the nanny better and help with your decision making.

1. What Do You Understand by Being a Confinement Nanny?

This question will help you understand if the potential confinement nanny understands her scope of work. It will also give you an insight into how the nanny will work around your house and if she will meet your expectations. The potential confinement nanny should start by discussing your baby’s growth and wellbeing. Secondly, the confinement nanny should be able to help you with emotional support and care that you need for postpartum recovery.

In this question, there is no and bad answer. It depends on what you are looking for. Therefore, before you ask this question, you will need to outline your expectations to find someone who meets them. If you are only looking for someone to give lovingly care for your infant, then you should not hire a confinement nanny that is experienced in preparing confinement foods.

2. How Many Years of Experience Do You Have?

Hiring a confinement nanny with experience is recommended. This is because taking care of a newborn requires some basic skills and knowledge. When hiring confinement, ask the number of years that they have been in this industry. Make sure you select the person with many years of experience. It is essential to note that you will pay more for a highly experienced confinement nanny than the one with no experience.

When it comes to experience, make sure you ask detailed questions about basic skills and knowledge. This includes if the potential confinement nanny knows how to prevent colic, burping, and spit up in a baby. Also, you should ask what one is supposed to do when such issues arise.

In addition to experience, if the potential confinement nanny has children, then you do not have to worry about the experience. But if she does not have any kids, she should have previous work experience as a confinement nanny.

3. Why Did You Choose Confinement Nanny as a Profession?

This is a vital question that will help you to know if the confinement nanny is a professional or not. Start by asking what motivated her to become a nanny, and you will understand how she will be taking care of your infant. If she chose to become a confinement nanny because of money, then you should consider hiring another person. But if she became a confinement nanny because she loves children and taking care of them, then you should hire the nanny.

Becoming a confinement nanny needs some training to gain basic skills and knowledge about children and take good care of them. Therefore, it is essential to ask what type of training they have and any certifications to prove. A confinement nanny with training is self-motivated and has enough skills needed for a newborn. Moreover, if the confinement nanny went for training, they will offer support to you also throughout your postpartum journey.

4. What Type of Confinement Food Can You Cook?

If you are breastfeeding, you need to get a confinement nanny that will encourage you to eat certain meals to help with breastfeeding. Although at the hospital, you will leave with basic breastfeeding knowledge, you may face issues such as low milk supply. The confinement nanny should be able to cook for you meals that will increase your milk supply for the well being of your baby.

Moreover, the confinement nanny should be able to cook confinement foods that will help your body heal faster and regain your strength. If you love certain foods, you should discuss about it with the confinement nanny before hiring her.

5. What Would You Do If We Want You to Stay Longer?

The confinement period is about 28 days, but sometimes you may need the confinement nanny to stay for a longer period. This mostly happens if you are a new mother, and you want extra help with your baby. Before you hire the confinement nanny, make sure you know if she has another job after yours. If she does not have another job, you can extend her stay for a couple more weeks.

These questions will help you know your confinement nanny beyond what is stated in her portfolio. Make sure you first understand the type of confinement nanny you need. Then set a date for the interview and ask the above questions. At Agape Confinement nanny, we bring you experienced and highly trained nannies. Call us today on +65 69781009.