Newborn Baby Tips: Dos & Don’ts as Parents

Newborn babies bring a lot of joy to families. As a parent, adhering to the health and safety of your baby should be a top priority. Your goal is to give your new bundle of joy personalized comfort, and attention for their wellbeing.

Among the qualities, you’ll need to give your newborn the best care are attentiveness, preparedness, and alertness. Here are the newborn baby dos and don’ts to follow as a caregiver:


Handle your baby with clean hands

It takes a while for a baby’s immune system to develop fully. Your child’s developing immune system will make them vulnerable to different kinds of infection. Thoroughly clean your hands before attending to your baby to kill disease-causing germs.

Adopt a convenient feeding and napping routine

Babies like to sleep once their stomachs are full. Your life will be a lot easier if your child falls asleep on their own. Leave a small gap between the time allocated for napping and nursing.

Place the newborn on their back.

Pediatricians recommend placing babies on their backs for them to develop a good sleeping posture. It is also easier for them to fall asleep in this position. You’ll reduce their risk of them developing Sudden Infant Death Syndrome.

Ensure that the feeding bottle is free of air

Your baby is at risk of getting choked by the air trapped in the feeding bottle. It’s essential to allow all bubbles from your baby’s bottle to pop out before feeding. The bubbles may form after shaking the bottle for the feeding formula to mix well.

Maintain a 45-degree angle while feeding your baby

As your baby lies at a 45-degree angle, carefully tilt the bottle as you place it on your baby’s mouth. The neck of the bottle should fill up every time you adopt this technique. Consider varying the side your baby lies to allow them to turn their head in both directions.

Get your baby vaccinated

Immunization helps babies form resistance to life-threatening diseases at an early age. Consult a doctor on the types of vaccines your child requires. Stick to the immunization schedule given by the pediatrician for the sake of your child’s health and fitness.

Trim your baby’s nails frequently.

When left to grow big, both finger and toenails may pose risks to your baby. The nails may scratch or puncture your baby’s soft skin leading to injuries. Consider trimming them when the baby is asleep.

Swaddle your newborn baby

As part of caregiving, swaddling helps parents give their babies a sense of security and comfort. It involves wrapping the baby’s legs and arms in a soft nursing blanket. Swaddling also provides the baby with a convenient environment for sleeping and gaining warmth.

Don’t toss your baby up in the air.

Newborn babies are yet to have fully developed bones and muscles. Your newborn is at risk of internal injuries whenever you play roughly with them. Avoid using a lot of force or pressure when handling the baby.

Avoid shaking your baby.

Most parents believe that shaking their babies may help them stop crying or change their overall mood. Others shake their babies to wake them up. Shaking puts a newborn at risk of Shaken Baby Syndrome. Adverse effects of shaking your child also include internal bleeding.

Your baby shouldn’t hold the bottle.

When giving feeding formula milk to your baby, you should hold the bottle at all times . It’s easier to prevent excess air swallowing when you’re holding the bottle. You’ll also find it easier to control the amount of milk passing through the tip.

Don’t overfeed your newborn baby.

While it’s a good idea to feed your child, don’t overdo it. The baby will give you signs to let you know they had enough. Always give your child adequate time to exhale air out of the baby during feeding.

Avoid using scented wipes.

Newborn babies have sensitive skin. The chemicals found in scented wipes may cause itchiness or burns on your child’s skin. Perfumed wipes also put your kid at risk of skin rashes and allergies.

Keep soft toys away from your baby’s room.

Toys help keep kids engaged when they’re not eating or sleeping. Be cautious about the kinds of toys you buy for your newborn. Avoid stuffing your child’s room with soft toys since they tend to accumulate dust. Soft toys such as hairy dolls may shed hairpieces, which, when inhaled, may lead to choking.

Don’t smoke in your baby’s presence.

Passive smoking puts your baby at risk of severe respiratory illnesses. Don’t smoke or allow anyone to smoke around your kid. You should also keep your newborn baby off environments that can expose them to smoke.

Summing Up

Bringing a kid to this world is among the most beautiful experiences one can ever encounter. Your work schedule and other factors may get in the way as you try to be the kid’s best parent.

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