Confinement Practices Your Doctor will Agree with

Welcoming a newborn baby is a life-changing event followed by a postpartum period that many find challenging. Most mothers become vulnerable and even depressed after the birth of their babies. The confinement period offers them a special kind of prolonged rest to adjust to the new changes. Discussed below are seven of the confinement practices your doctor would recommend.

1. Maintain a Proper Diet

The body loses a substantial amount of blood and strength that you need to replenish. A diet composed of healthy protein (such as chicken and fish) will help repair damaged tissues. It would help if you also had essential fats and carbohydrates to supply energy and facilitate metabolic processes. 

Stick to a balanced diet throughout your confinement period for a speedy recovery. Consume more fruits and vegetables, which will help support the healing process. Cut back on junk food and processed sugars since they may contribute to digestive issues and obesity.

2. Avoid heavy chores

During the confinement period, it’s important to cut back on labor-intensive chores. Your body is yet to replenish the strength it lost during delivery. You’ll need at least four weeks for your pelvic floor muscles to return to their normal state. 

Undertaking strenuous chores during this period will slow down the healing process. Consider designating the chores to a househelp until you get your strength back. Use that time to bond with your newborn baby.

3. Stay away from the cold

As you try to maintain a balanced diet, avoid taking cold showers and drinking/eating cold foods. Childbirth tends to weaken the immune system making you more vulnerable to infections. Subjecting yourself to cold for a long time may put you at risk of falling ill.

Consider taking warm showers and warming your food. If you need to use an air-conditioner or a fan, set it at a reasonable temperature. The main goal here is for you to be comfortable during your recovery period.

4. Avoid spicy food

Your confinement diet should be free of spicy foods since they are likely to lead to diarrhea and constipation. Other side effects include abdominal pains and bloating. After childbirth, your gastrointestinal system won’t be strong enough to handle spicy foods. 

If you are an ardent fan of spicy foods, you can substitute them onion and ginger. Choose substitutes that will help replenish the nutrients lost during delivery. Ensure that the ingredients you are using in your cooking are safe for your gastrointestinal system. 

5. Get adequate rest

In Chinese culture, the confinement period requires mothers to get as much rest as they can. It would help if you had a good diet and ample rest for your body to heal well. Ensure that your partner understands your needs during this critical moment.

A confinement nanny can help ensure you get enough rest. Their job usually includes taking good care of you and your baby. If you have relatives around who can help, be sure to reach out to them.

6. Consume safe herbs

Consider adding herbs to your soups, dishes, drinks, or even bath to speed up the healing process. Since herbs have different healing properties, ensure that you get expert advice on the right types to use. You risk suffering food poisoning if you overdose on herbs or consume unsuited ones.

Examples of herbs you can take to facilitate wound recovery include wolfberries and red dates. Herbal remedies continue to promote wellness ever since they gained mainstream acclaim several centuries ago. Take time to learn them and understand how you can get their health benefits.

7. Drink plenty of water

Water intake during your confinement period is as important as nutrient intake. Try to stay hydrated at all times by taking the right amount of water. You’ll need water to help make adequate breast milk.

Proper hydration helps nutrients move to the cells while allowing oxygen to reach the brain. Water also facilitates the absorption of glucose, vitamins, and minerals in the body. You’ll need water for body temperature regulation and the elimination of waste and toxins.

Summing up

Post-delivery, you need a prolonged rest period that will help you heal and get back to normal. Among the confinement practices you may adopt are minimizing physical movement and maintaining a proper diet. Confinement Lady nannies can help look after you and your baby as you focus on healing. They can help you with confinement diet planning/cooking, proper hygiene practices, and breastfeeding.

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