Advice for Moms Who Wish to Hire a Confinement Nanny

The confinement period is an important recovery period for you and your baby, during which you should have as much help as you can. That’s where a confinement nanny comes in. Unlike a domestic helper who majorly focuses on chores, a confinement nanny is specifically qualified to take care of new moms and their newborns to ease the transition process. If you are about to have your baby, here is some advice for moms who wish to hire a confinement nanny.

1. Book the Nanny Early

To avoid last-minute surprises, you should consider booking a confinement nanny early enough, say seven months into your pregnancy. If you wish, she can even come before you give birth and help you through the last terrible weeks of pregnancy.

Booking early helps you choose among the best nannies available, and also makes you somewhat ready for your postpartum period. This is because confinement nannies are not like regular domestic helpers who can even show up at midnight after just one call.

2. Compromise A Bit

Everyone has their own taste, and so you probably have your requirements concerning the type of confinement nanny you want. Most moms have endless lists, which is mostly comprises of unrealistic expectations. Since a confinement nanny should be able to do her job, you should not expect less when it comes to doing the job.

However, you may have to give her some time to adjust to your home and support you better. Some moms even want their nannies to change their personalities for them, which is impossible. As long your nanny is doing her job, learn to overlook minor mistakes. No one is perfect, not even you, and so, don’t set extra high standards for your nanny. That’s for the sake of your peace.

3. Mutual Respect is Key

Mutual respect is necessary for any situation where two strangers have to stay under the same roof. It is good to keep a professional yet warm relationship with your confinement nanny. In case of a mistake, call them and talk to them with respect, just the way a good boss will address their employee. Mutual respect helps the two of you coexist in peace, solve problems easily, and transition together effectively.

4. Set Boundaries

Some people say you should treat your confinement nanny like your sister. Well, this is true, but you know how real sisters behave, right? She can steal your dress and shamelessly wear it to your birthday party, and you won’t do anything. Therefore, you should set strict boundaries while remaining friendly to your nanny. Let her know that she is there to work and that you are paying her for it. Too informal relationships often end in invading each other’s privacy and speaking to each other carelessly.

5. Treat Her Like a Helper

As previously said, your confinement nanny is a helper, not a sister. This means you should treat her as a stranger who is extremely helpful to you. Don’t yell or say curse words to her. Whenever she makes an unintentional mistake, correct her politely yet professionally to avoid creating bad blood between the two of you. If you treat her nicely, a good confinement nanny will reciprocate by improving her services and giving you the recovery time of your life.

6. Don’t Be Afraid to Fire Them

Yes, you should treat your confinement nanny like a helper and compromise a bit for them. But what if none of these matters? What if your nanny is so bad at her job and you just can’t stand her personality?

Well, the simple solution is, don’t be afraid to fire her. Some nannies will perform better in certain homes than others. That’s why you should try a swap if you are okay with that. Sometimes, this happens when you hire a nanny from a low-tier agency or just hire a random nanny with no previous working record. Therefore, ensure you hire a qualified confinement nanny that knows how to do her work.

Final thoughts

With a confinement nanny in your home, you don’t have to worry about your postpartum recovery period. The best advice for moms who wish to hire a confinement nanny is to ensure they hire a qualified nanny. If you’re looking for the nanny of your type, AGAPE Confinement Nannies are just a dial away.